The Quran builds the society

The Quran builds the society

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it has main issues in terms of building the soul and the community, on which its engineering is based. They were the major building blocks in the construction of the Prophetic mission, it was the priorities, which we think is fixed and not liable to change with the changing of place and time: to stick to the doctrine of the Islamic monotheism out of faithfulness to Allah, to perform the acts of worship, to apply the Islamic law in the society, then to seek the Sharia knowledge as it is the framework for renewal and continuity, the purpose of all of that is to establish the emotional and physical building of worshipping the only true God the Almighty.

1. The first issue: the Islamic monotheism 
2. The second issue: the worship. The most important of its symbols is the prayer
3 - the third issue: the community. Its first nuclei is the "family" in the Islamic sense.
4 - the fourth issue: seeking the Sharia knowledge.

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