"The more humble you are in front of Allah ... "

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"The more humble you are in front of Allah ... "

by ibn Taymiyah

In the words of Ibn Taymiyyah:

"... And the worshiper - the more humble, needy, and is subject to Allah - he will be closer to Him, and be more beloved to Him, and to Him be higher status Thus, the happiest creation is who is the greatest in servitude to Allah.
Regarding the Creation, as it is said: It is in need of whoever you want, and you will be their prisoner who want it enough, and you shall be his adversary be nice to whoever you want, and be their authority ...

Thus, the greatest servant status and honor with others is when he does not need them in any way, manner, or form. If you are good to others without needing them, you will be more before his eyes. When you are in need of them - even if it was for a sip of water - your status before your eyes is reduced according to the need to have you them. And this is Wisdom and Mirsericordia of Allah, so that religion is all for Allah, and that nothing is associated with Him

Because of this, when Hatim al-Asamm was asked:

'How can you protect people?' He replied: "With you freely give them what you have, and you're cold and indifferent to what they have. "However, if you are in a position to be compensated for them, and they need something from you, and the needs of the two sides are equal, you become like two merchants, none has any virtue over the other . If they are more needy side, that's when they will become subject.
Thus, the Lord Almighty, the more generous you are to Him is when you need it most. With the creation, the more insignificant to them is when you need them most ... "

['Majmu' al-Fatawa ', 1/67]

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