The Incarnation for Forgiveness and Salvation

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Second: The Incarnation for Forgiveness and Salvation


What Christians believe about the reason for the incarnation corresponds with that of the ancient Pagan religions, as Christians say, the incarnation was for Jesus to die and save humanity from their sins. 


The prominent scholar Hawk quoted the same about the Indian incarnated gods. He said, “Indians believe that, one of the gods had incarnated, and sacrificed himself to save the people from their sins”.


The same was quoted about Buddha, whom the historian Morris William mentioned in his book (Indian Religion), “of his mercy (meaning Buddha) he left the heaven and came to the earth, to save humanity from their sins and pains, and from the punishment they deserve.”   


Dawn mentions in his book “The Myths of the Torah, the Gospel, and Their Similarity in Other Religions”; Indians call Bokhas, the son of Jupiter, the nations’ savior.”


The same was said about Hercules, Mithra, the Persians' savior, and Bacob, the Mexican crucified god, and others, whom their followers believed to be gods, incarnated to forgive sins.[1]


[1]- Paganism in Christianity, Mohammad Taher Attenneer, pp 29-38, Christianity, Ahmad Shalaby, pp 151, 158

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