My Lord

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

How grave, serious, and weighty the situation will be!

Words cannot describe it, the heart shivers, the tongue stutters, and the mind gets perplexed. Your servant stands before You, weak and humble, wanting to praise You and reveal to You what lies hidden within himself, and You are the Knower of all things.

No matter how much we praise You, Your greatness is far bigger!

O Lord!
We know that our praise and glorification of You, our extolling of Your majesty, and our remembrance of You are but a blessing and a favor from You upon all of us. You are the One Who has guided us to this.

And We know that You, O Lord, are beyond the laudation and praise of anyone. 

O Allah, accept from us the favors You have bestowed upon me and upon those who read these words, and pardon our shortcomings. 

To Allah I extend my praise and good words that are pleasing to Him.

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